Nancy Robbins


Nancy Robbins has been the Practice Manager of Desert Shores Pediatrics since opening in 2006. She has over 30 years of experience in the pediatric field.  Nancy strives to be an enthusiastic and

Nancy Robbins2023-01-19T10:05:02-07:00

Tracey Turas, DNP, PNP


Location: Gilbert - Tracey Turas, DNP, PNP is a certified pediatric nurse practitioner. She graduated from Arizona State University in 1996 with her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Her background includes working

Tracey Turas, DNP, PNP2024-02-15T13:20:13-07:00

Katelyn Squire, PA-C, CLC


Location: Chandler - Katelyn Squire, PA-C, CLC, is a board certified Physician Assistant and Certified Lactation Counselor. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arizona in 2012 with a degree in

Katelyn Squire, PA-C, CLC2024-02-15T13:19:37-07:00

Jennifer Sorg, Psych NP


Location: Gilbert - Jennifer Sorg, PsychNP is a board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Joining the Army in 2003 broadened her sense of the world and filled her with a passion for healthcare. During

Jennifer Sorg, Psych NP2024-02-15T13:19:06-07:00

Taryne Scott, DNP, PNP


Location: Gilbert - Taryne Scott, DNP, PNP is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner. She earned her bachelor’s in nursing from California State University of Long Beach in 2009. Her background includes working as

Taryne Scott, DNP, PNP2024-02-15T13:21:04-07:00

April Resop FNP-C, CLC


Location: Gilbert - April Resop FNP-C, CLC is a board certified Nurse Practitioner and Certified Lactation Counselor.  She is an Arizona girl through and through. This native received her Bachelor’s degree from Arizona

April Resop FNP-C, CLC2024-02-15T13:17:09-07:00

Cheri Nason, MD, FAAP


Location: Chandler/Gilbert - Cheri Nason, MD, FAAP has been a board-certified pediatrician since finishing residency in 1998 and has enjoyed working in private practice since then, first as a practice owner in the

Cheri Nason, MD, FAAP2024-02-15T13:16:37-07:00

Jean M. Mullen, MD, FAAP


Location: Gilbert - Jean M. Mullen MD, FAAP is a board certified Pediatrician and Fellow of the AAP. Originally from the east coast, she completed her Pediatric residency at the University of Maryland

Jean M. Mullen, MD, FAAP2024-02-15T13:16:03-07:00

Chantelle Lassak, MMS, PA-C


Chantelle Lassak, MMS, PA-C is a board certified Physician Assistant specializing in pediatrics. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arizona in 2000 with a Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE) Degree

Chantelle Lassak, MMS, PA-C2022-04-28T08:45:51-07:00

Jesse Kipp, DO, FAAP


Location: Chandler/Gilbert - Jeese Kipp, DO, FAAP was born and raised in Phoenix where he graduated from Mountain Pointe High School. He attended UC Berkeley (Go bears!) where he graduated with a degree

Jesse Kipp, DO, FAAP2024-02-15T13:15:18-07:00
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